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April 25th, 2012

Intuitive Channel

The Intuitive Channel is a new TV Channel idea that plans to only air shows that support and explain how our 6th sense, called here human intuition, has and is contributing to our society at large. At first we will air shows that have already been produced and aired but as time goes on we will begin to create our own shows.

We will also begin with a news type show, one that airs all the current news, but with the added feature of stating how much of the creative intuitive process exists or is present in each news item. In this way people will get the current news long with how well it is connected with everything else in our world.

As we develop this channel it will become apparent that its true nature is to nurture the growth of humankind with its programming all designed to teach the truth, that we are spiritual beings living in a human body.

Grand Prix of Skating

The Grand Prix Championship Skating Race Series consist of 6 or more races on consecutive weekends in the summer of each year to find the best equipment and fastest individual and team. The winner will be called the fastest skater in the world.

The Course Requirements
Each race will be contested on smooth, flat, city or neighborhood streets and be 50 to 70 miles long. Each circuit must have at least one left and right hand turn with at least one long straight.

If there are too many applicants to fill the 44 person field then “Qualifying” must take place no less than three hours before the race. This is to happen from 7am to 9am the morning before the race. The main race is to start at high noon on each race day. To qualify for a race you must be one of the fastest 44 racers to complete 3 laps on the days course. The maximum number of contestants per racing team is 4.

A winner of a race is the one who crosses the finish line first. Points will be awarded to each finishing position and the racer with the highest total at the end of the racing season will be called the Grand Prix of Skating Champion and the fastest skater in the world.

Pits stops: 3 pit stops are mandatory. Each is timed and must be at least 120 seconds long. They may be taken at any point of the race. If a contestant does not take place a mandatory pit stop then a 5 minute addition to their total time will be added to their final

Drinking fluid may not be brought on board each contestant. No contestant is to spill any fluid on the track or in the pits during the race, otherwise a stop and go penalty may be enforced at the discretion of the race officials.

Any kind of skate boot may be used to compete. The trucks (mechanism used to attach boot to wheels) may be of any design. Wheels may not be any larger than 6 inches in diameter and number no less than 6 total wheels. The total addition to a racers height using their design of choice must not be larger than 12 total inches.

Absolutely no contact of any kind is allowed that impedes the progress of another contestant on the race track or pit stop, or a stop and go penalty will be enforced. If the foul is blatant a black flag for one or all members of a team will be enforced at the discretion of race officials.

A transponder will be worn to detect and record: (a.) laps and (b.) any contact between skaters.

All contestants must wear helmets, have knee pads and elbow pads sown into race suits, and wear gloves.

No more than 20 racers will be on the course at any given time during the qualify period.

Each race is 50 miles each except for the last race, which is 80 miles.
Skaters must pass a reflect test at the end of the race to test to see if any nerve damage has been done like we see in running races where marathon runners often end a race with no feeling left in their feet. The reflect test, to be named latter, would be performed on the legs and feet.

Race officials are the owners of the races and some will be volunteers from each local City Streetz facility. The time keepers and lap counting will be handled by (Timex) which will computer monitor the transponder carried by each contestant. Timex or whoever we choose will have to pay to get in and be responsible or organizing all the volunteers needed to keep time.

Sponsors of race series:
Sponsors will pay for the right to sponsor this new racing series. The main fee will be paid for the TV coverage. Contestants must secure their own sponsorship.

Time sequence at each race site:
12am to 7:30am is the set up of the track. All walls will be laid out as will be the tape that designates the pits starting line etc..
8 am to 10:00 am is qualifying for the race.
10:00 to 10:30 track is open to practice.
10:30 to 11:30 is a parade of groups of people that wish to participate.
11:30 to 12:00 nothing is to happen on the track other than track inspection and cleaning by race officials.
12:00 race starts and runs for an estimated time of 2.5 hours
3:00pm to 8:00pm is clean up.

Ideas: all racers must have a corporate sponsor.

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