Our Buisnesses that can do it.

A new kind of company model.

April 25th, 2012

Our company mission is to help make Paradise living an experience for each and every one of us. This learned experience is an awareness that our first series of products is designed to help you achieve. I suspect living in a state of Paradise is an unconscious desire for us all, and since we have heard this is a great way to live, then I think it is a great focus for a company. Since I am not so good at fund raising to this point my focus to date was to design, or think up, business models that can achieve this goal for the customers it serves and the people who run the business. I hope you like the start I have made in your review of them.

To help you achieve Paradise living experiences I have gone to the heart of the matter, to what does it take to help you merge with all of your energy so that you can direct your life better and know this experience. This is known as enlightenment, to wake up the light that is in you. This is merging with your electrical energy if you will. This is becoming light filled due to your ability to identify with light. Our first Discovery Products will help you merge with your energy so you can know personally what Paradise living is all about for you. In our proposed services we will show you what it is like to live in this light, while we serve you and from the gifts contained in them. Our proposed services will help society in general see what living in paradise is like and how it can be found. We still wait for funding efforts to launch them. A few of them can be found on our unifying services page to the left here. When each gets their funding and are birthed then they will have their own dedicated website.

It is the same for our Fun Events page, more businesses to show us all how we can have our fabled Paradise living now; in this age of Reason or what ever it is called now. You can look for our progress on this site and see our advancements as others join me in this common effort. This is the official company website. If you want to leave a post, email me, or chat on line, if I am here too, then feel free to do so as it is our collective effort that will give us our Paradise living.

As soon as I am able as webmaster, I will post a new page where you all can sing a note of support for our efforts, so look forward to showing the love you have for our mission by signing our statement page and or making a comment about what we aim to do, all my best to you.

Our Buisnesses that can do it.